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Special Features
Spindle sleeve (Ram) is made from M. S. Grounded and guided in accurately honned head stock bore.

Spindle shaft is ade from E. N. 8.
Gears in 20mm cap. Machine are made from M. S. Which are hob cut where as gears in 25mm & 32mm capacity machine are made from best quality graded C. I. Which are helical and hob cut.

Spindle gears in 20mm capacity machine rotates in pulley fitted with Gun metal bushing where as in 25mm & 32mm capacity machine spindle gear rotates with in ball bearing provided in the pulley.

Pillar is made from heavy duty seamless pipe which is accurately ground and chrome plated.
All working parts are grounded to maximum accuracy.

S. M. Drilling Machines are Manufactured from best selected and graded material characterized by excellent machine ability and high damping capacity so as to cover varied range of operation like Drilling, Reaming, Taping, Boring, Counter Boring, Lapping ets. In cast iron, Steel and other materials.
Specification may be changed without any prior notice in case of design modification.
Electric Motor
R/E Switch , V - Belt
Motor Pulley
Drill Chuck, Arbour etc.
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